2-/3-channel Power Amplifier (THX certified)

The POA-8300 and POA-8200 power amplifiers are designed to be used with the AVP-8000 A/V preamplifier in order to reproduce full, high-quality 5.1-channel sound.

Copper-plated Chassis and Discrete Construction.
The high-current power amplifier circuit for each channel in the POA-8300/8200 incorporates four large power transistors of Pc:150W which enables it to supply approximately 30 amperes of peak current and, with this considerable power, drive many types of speakers.
Perfect Monaural Configuration
All components of the POA-8300/8200's electric circuitry, including the power transformer and even the power radiator, have been completely separated so that each channel has its own individual circuits. Now at last, interference between channels has been entirely eliminated, enabling superior reproduction of sound space in a recording.

Easy Set-up

The POA-8300 is a 3-channel power amp while the POA-8200 is a 2-channel version. When a subwoofer with a built-in amp is used, the POA-8300 and POA-8200 together form a 5-channel power amp. However, if a subwoofer without a built-in amp is used, two POA-8300 amps can be combined to form a 6-channel amp. In either configuration, a 5.1-channel system can be assembled to reproduce the dynamic ambiance of Dolby's hair-raising new AC-3 surround sound.

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