A/V Preamplifier (Dolby-Digital AC-3/THX 5.1 AND 4.0 certified)

World's First A/V Preamp To Support Dolby AC-3 and THX 5.1
DENON is one of the first manufacturers of quality A/V components to embrace Dolby's new AC-3 digital multi-channel sound system as a licensee. Responding to AC-3's progress to becoming the de facto standard for multi-channel audio, DENON has recently announced the high-end AVP-8000 Preamplifier equipped with AC-3 digital surround sound processing. Of course, the AVP-8000 is fully compatible with any Dolby surround source, whether the encoding is Dolby AC-3 or Dolby Pro-Logic. And if that's not enough, the AVP-8000 is also THX 5.1 certified.

DDSC-Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-Digital)

Since surround signals are all processed in digital domain, the AVP-8000 is equipped with two newly-developed, sophisticated, high-performance DSP circuits. The D/A converters feature high-resolution 20-bit designs for the Front L/R, Center, and Subwoofer channels, while advanced 18-bit converters are used for the Surround L/R channels. This combination of DSPs and D/A converters works to bring out the tremendous potential of AC-3 sound. In addition, 20-bit A/D converters have been incorporated for the Dolby Pro-Logic decoder. The merits of all the latest technologies have been harnessed in order to reproduce the highest quality in sound possible today.

High-Current Power Amplifier Circuit
The copper-plated chassis divide the interior of the set into five compartments for the power supply, digital circuits, analog circuits, video circuits and display circuits. This prevents mutual interference and allows each section to perform its full potential.
Icon-based On-Screen Display
The AVP-8000 is equipped with an On-Screen Display (OSD) featuring icons (pictorial representations) to let you easily monitor the current operating status. The OSD feature lets you check or change the source you want to see, listen to or record, and you can also monitor or change the speakers, surround sound mode, delay time, channel level, digital inputs or listening parameters. What once required a number of complicated operations can now be accomplished via a quick glance at the AVP-8000's OSD, which has been refined for greater ease of operation.
Easy-to-Use Remote Control
The buttons on the remote controller come in different colors and shapes for easy recognition, while the less-often-used fine-adjustment buttons are stored under a small door. The different button shapes are particularly helpful in the dark.

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