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More than 4 million people are poisoned in the United States everyyear. As a leading provider of home security systems, Wire Excellence wants to do something to reduce this alarming statistic.

How can I prevent poisonings in my home?

Store all medicines and household productsin the original containers.

Use child-resistant packages for medicines andpotentially dangerous household products.

Lock medicines and products out of sight and reachof children.

Follow product label warnings about not mixing differentproducts, ventilating the area, or wearing gloves.

What Are Some Dangerous Household Poisons?


Common household cleaning products are the number one cause ofunintentional poisonings of children.

Those that are especially dangerous are those that can cause chemicalburns: drain opener, toilet bowl cleaner, laundry detergent


Permanent wave neutralizers and hair straighteners can cause burns.Mouthwash contains alcohol, dangerous for children who drink it. Some nailcare products can also be poisonous.


Many chemicals used to control insects, rodents and weeds are astoxic to humans as they are to their intended victims. When ingested or inhaledin very small amounts, most are capable of producing illness.


Antifreeze and windshield washer solution are dangerous to swallowand their sweet taste makes them appealing to children and pets.


May be caused by storing food at the wrong temperature, not scrubbingknives, utensils and cutting boards after cutting raw meat and poultry, andnot carefully washing hands before handling or preparing food. Symptoms offood poisoning may vary, but often include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.Symptoms may begin soon after eating or may not occur for more than a dayor two.

Follow these food safety tips:

Counter tops, utensils and hands should be washed with warm, soapywater prior to and after food preparation.

Thaw meat and poultry in the refrigerator,not at-room temperature.

Avoid leaving perishable food out ofthe refrigerator for more than two hours.

Do not use canned foods with bulginglids or cracks.

Thoroughly cook all meat, poultry,seafood and eggs.

ALCOHOL - found in alcoholic beverages, mouthwash and perfume and aftershavelotions. Alcohol is a dangerous poison for children because small amountscan slow down their breathing and heart rate, cause seizures and coma, andeven kill them. Watch children closely at adult parties and clear the "empty"glasses and cans immediately. Use child resistant closures on mouthwash bottles.

PLANTS AND WILD MUSHROOMS - Some indoor and outdoor plants can pose ahazard to curious youngsters. Berries and wild mushrooms pose the greatestoutdoor hazards. Philodendron and Dieffenbachia are indoor plants that cancause pain and swelling in children and pets who nibble on them.

SEASON CHANGES AND HOLIDAYS bring a variety of potential poisons. Be alertaround Easter and Halloween because chocolate candy is poisonous to dogs.Before allowing children to indulge in Halloween "treats" inspect them tobe sure that wrappers are intact. Discard non-commercial treats, fruits,homemade goods, etc. During winter holidays avoid decorating with holly ormistletoe berries.

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