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Making a Habit of Personal Safety

Whether you are at home, in your car or at work,
you may be a potentialtarget for crime. Because of this, personal safety can neverbe taken for granted.

Burglary Prevention

Trim shrubs back to avoid giving burglars cover.

Trim tree branches so that there's no access to upper windows andso that lower branches don't offer hiding places.

Keep garages and sheds closed and locked at all times.

They offer excellent cover for a burglar to break into the house.

When advertising valuable items for sale, give only your phone number, not your street address.

Do not leave doors unlocked while working in theyard.

A burglar can gain easy access to your home and be in and out injust a couple of minutes. Surprising a burglar upon reentering could resultin violence. If you have an alarm system, keep it armed while you are inthe yard.

Consider installing an electronic security systemto monitor for burglary, fire and personal emergency.

Car Theft

If you park in a commercial garage or lot,always leave just the ignition key with the attendant.

Make sure no identifying information is attached. Do the same whenyou take your car in for repairs.

Do not park near a van, which can block an assault from the view of others.

A van can also hide criminals inside who can pull you into the vehicle.

Do not leave a woman's jacket or other women'sclothing readily visible in the car.

This could tell a criminal that a woman is likely to be the driver.Consider leaving something visible, like an auto magazine, that would probablybe seen as masculine.

From 20 to 30 feet away from your car, look underneathit.

As you prepare to enter, look in the back seat and to the side. Somepower doors unlock all locks simultaneously, so lock doors immediately.

If you are grabbed by an assailant, toss the keysas far as you can.

This way, the assailant will typically go for the keys and not forceyou into the car.

Street Smarts

Know the neighborhoods where you live andwork.

Check locations of police and fire stations, public telephones,hospitals, restaurants, gas stations or stores that are open late.

Use automated teller machines in the daylight.

Have your card ready to use.

Don't wear headphones while walking or jogging.

If you think someone is following you when youare in your car, don't head home.

Drive to the nearest police or fire station or open business to gethelp.

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