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Child Safety

In today's society, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep our children safe. Although we do not want to fill their minds with worries and concerns, it is important that they are aware that bad things can happen.

Walk with your children to school or the bus stop.

Point out areas that might not be safe. Play a game called "Whatif" by using pretend situations to help them decide how to react in a realemergency. Show them which houses they should go to if they need help.

Don't let your children go to a shopping centerby themselves.

Your children should avoid public restrooms unless they are witha trusted adult. If your children should become lost inside a store or shoppingcenter, tell them to go to a nearby clerk or security guard for help.

It's best not to let your children wear clothingor carry articles with their names on them.

A stranger may pretend to know them by calling their name and actinglike a friend.

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