(Dolby Digital AC-3/THX 5.1 certified)


The World's First Top-Flight A/V Receiver To Support Dolby Digital AC-3 and THX 5.1

The AVR-5600 from DENON is the world's first A/V receiver to support both Dolby Digital AC-3 and THX 5.1 reproduction and is endowed with exactly the same DDSC-Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-Digital) that is used in DENON's best-selling top-of-the-line AVP-8000 A/V preamplifier.
In addition, the AVR-5600 delivers as much as 140 watts of full discrete power through each of the receiver's five channels, for a grand total of 700 watts. This is more than enough to transform your audio listening room into a personal home theater filled with the lush, real-life ambiance previously possible only in the best commercial movie theaters.

DDSC-Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-Digital)
Since surround signals are all processed in the digital domain, the AVR-5600 is equipped with two newly-developed, sophisticated, high-performance DSP circuits which reproduce the delicate details of Dolby Digital Sound using "Full Block Floating point" calculations, a highly sophisticated method of dynamically allocating computation resources exactly as they're needed. In addition, high resolution 20-bit A/D converters have been incorporated for the Dolby Pro-Logic decoder.

Dynamic Discrete Surround Circut-Digital Block Diagram

Full Discrete 5-channel Power Amplifier
AVR-5600 offers full discrete 5-channel power amplifier to support the dynamic performance of the Dolby Digital AC-3 sound signal from Laser Disc or DVD. All channels have equal power output of 140 watts each (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.05%) and are configured as independent monaural amplifiers.

5-Monaural Construction Power Block

Powerful, Responsive Power Supply
AVR-5600 incorporates three independent power transformers for each power amplifier, preamplifier and micro-processor to ensure a stable current supply for each block without mutual interference and noise. Furthermore, the transformer of the preamplifier employs separate windings for the audio amplifier, digital circuitry and video circuitry to prevent interference.

3-Independent Power Transformers Block Diagram

Versatile Speaker Terminals

2 pairs of Front Speaker Terminals for Bi-Wiring

The bi-wiring speaker terminal feature gives you high-quality performance with bi-wiring speaker systems through optimum connecting configurations.
In addition, you can connect two sets of conventional speakers, one for use in the main A/V room and the other in an additional room. The Binding Posts are used for all speaker terminals to ensure secure connections for every type of wire.

Functions for Easy Operation

Icon-based On-Screen Display
The AVR-5600 is equipped with an On-Screen Display (OSD) featuring icons (pictorial representations) to let you easily monitor the current operating status. The OSD feature lets you check or change the source you want to see, listen to or record, and you can also monitor or change the speakers, surround sound mode, delay time, channel level, digital inputs or listening parameters. What once required a number of complicated operations can now be accomplished via a quick glance at the AVR-5600Ős OSD, which has been refined for greater ease of operation.

Personal Memory Plus
The AVR-5600Ős Personal Memory Plus function allows you to store the parameter of the surround mode for further sound source customization. A single push of any source button will instantly recall the settings stored for each of the sound sources.

Programmable Remote Control with 4-function System
The AVR-5600Ős remote controller includes four powerful functions: System Call, System Remote Control, Pre-Memory, and Programming. If several A/V components are connected to the AVR-5600, this single controller can operate the entire system, even if the components are not made by DENON.

Frequency Synthesis Tuning

40-Station FM/AM Random Preset Memory Tuning
The AVR-5600Ős tuner section offers random preset and recall of up to 40 FM/AM stations. You can instantly tune in to the station you want to hear by simply pressing a button.

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