Dolby Digital AC-3 Ready A/V Surround Receiver

Advanced A/V Receiver with AC-3 as Expandable Option

The DENON AVR-2600 is an advanced A/V Surround Receiver equipped with a Dolby Digital AC-3 port to which you can connect an external AC-3 decoder or a DVD player which already includes the AC-3 decoder.
In addition, to ensure an uncompromised experience in your home-based A/V entertainment, the AVR-2600 is also equipped with DENONŐs original Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (DDSC) with Dolby Pro-Logic, 14 surround modes, Multi Source output, icon-based On-Screen Display (OSD), and high-quality FM/AM broadcasts with Radio Data System (RDS) reception capability.

Surround Sound System with Improved, Spacious Quality

Dolby Digital AC-3 Port
The AVR-2600 is equipped with 5.1-ch external decoder input for Dolby Digital AC-3 to which you can connect an external Dolby Digital AC-3 decoder or a DVD player which already includes the AC-3 decoder.

Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (DDSC)
The AVR-2600 features DENONŐs Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit (DDSC) that is used in DENONŐs best-selling AVR-2500 to bring you greater clarity and fidelity during surround sound playback.

14 Surround Modes and Sound Space Simulation
The AVR-2600 also includes a Dolby Pro-Logic surround system which offers three modes: Normal, Wide, and Phantom, plus an additional offering of Wide Screen and Live Surround for sources recorded in Dolby stereo and also Super Stadium, Mono Movie, Rock Arena, Jazz Club, Classic Concert, Matrix, 5-Channel Stereo, and Video Game.

Discrete Power Amps
The AVR-2600 is endowed with five powerful amps, one for each of the five channels. The two Front channels and Center channels each deliver 100 watts of power, and the two Surround channels provide 25 watts each. In addition, the Front and Center amps are given in a discrete configuration to ensure stable, high-quality sound.

AVSE Circuit and Cinema Sound Equalizer

Dynamic Discreate Surround Circuit Block Diagram

Multi Source
The AVR-2600 includes a Multi Source function that lets you select different audio or video sources for viewing, listening, or recording. A separate source can also be selected for transmission to another room. With Multi Source, you can enjoy considerable flexibility when setting up your A/V system with the AVR-2600.
Video Select Switch

Tone Defeat Switch

PRE OUT Terminals

Binding Post Speaker Terminals for Front and Center channels

Dual Center Speakers

Functions for Easy Operation

Icon-based On-Screen Display
The AVR-2600 provides an On-Screen Display (OSD) featuring icons (pictorial representations) to let you easily monitor the current operating status.
Monitor current video and audio source settings at a glance. Monitor current Srround settings st s glance.

Programmable Remote Control with Easy Recognition Layout
The remote controller comes with four powerful functions: System Call, System Remote Control, Pre-Memory, and Programming. If several .

Personal Memory Plus
The AVR-2600's Personal Memory Plus function allows you to store the surround mode, level settings for Center and Surround L/R speakers, and the delay time, for further sound source customization.

Frequency Synthesis Tuning

32-Station FM/AM Random Preset Memory Tuning

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